one night love affair


One Night Love is a new escort agency. A service between ‘regular’ and ‘high-class’ escorts. Why? Because ‘high class’ often means as much as ‘elitist’ and is based on the ‘white & skinny’ stereotype. And because ‘regular’ is often synonymous for ‘deadly for the libido’. ONL is a select club of passionate escorts. Strong women. Escorts with a love for passion and the game.

A new escort agency, with love

31 May 2016

The company of an escort is pure luxury. But it is not a privilege of the white-collar elite or only for the richest of men. Temptation is a privilege for anyone with a bit of an imagination and a dirty mind. The best thing about sex is the way there.

One Night Love is exactly that: a one night love affair. A one night stand. A night like you’ve dreamt about, but real and without the dangers, uncomfortable silences, or broken hearts. Relentless flirting. No strings attached. And not having to wait for, or fear for, that phone call the next day.

Sex with an x, excitement, and play. You don’t have to be a millionaire for that as far as we’re concerned. But you do need to have some passion in your bones. It doesn’t say ‘love’ in our name for nothing.

To us, high class is a breathtaking, self-assured, real woman. Adult, real, and in charge. Irresistible women that bring out the best in you. A woman of the world. A worldly woman. But leave your tuxedo in the wardrobe and the Bollinger uncorked.

Don’t confuse l’amour with gl’amour.