Everything you always wanted to know about escorts, but were afraid to ask. One Night Love has been a renowned escort agency in Amsterdam for over a decade now. A reliable matchmaker for a night full of uncomplicated passion with a professional playmate in the Netherlands. We do our best to provide a beautiful evening. Here you can read how we do that and what you can do to contribute.

What we do

One Night Love has a license to offer escort services. Of course, we didn’t receive this license for nothing. We mostly have this to thank to our way of working and to our friendly and customer-friendly ladies. They always behave properly, are 21 years old or over and are very discrete.

Discretely receiving an escort at a hotel

One Night Love has good contacts with several renowned hotels in Amsterdam and at Schiphol Airport. We guarantee that the hotel personnel is proper and discrete about your visit.

Discretely receiving an escort at home

Experience a wonderful evening in your own, familiar surroundings. The chauffeur respects your privacy and won’t park directly in front of the door. The escort will also make her appearance low-key, as if she were a distant friend.

We make sure that the wishes have been clearly discussed beforehand and that both parties know which adventure awaits them.

We advise you to book at least 24 hours beforehand. Is that too long? Within Amsterdam, we can often show up within thirty or forty minutes. Outside of Amsterdam, it may take a little longer before your company arrives. How long? Call us and find out: +31 (0)20 636 40 83 / +31 (0)6 20 100 200. (14:00 – 05:00 | Weekend: to 06:00).

What you see is what you get

When you book an escort with us, you will see real photos on the website and an extensive description. Is this lady not available at the time that you wish, then we’ll confer which alternative we can offer you in lady, date, or time.

One Night Love doesn’t only screen escorts on their appearance, but most of all on intelligence, etiquette, social skills, and professionalism.


When you book an escort online with us, we’ll take care of the rest for you. After the booking, we’ll confirm per email and we may have further contact to discuss details. We make sure the lady arrives at your doorstep at the appointed time, ready for an adventurous evening. Of course, she is stunning, her hair is done, she’ll dress nice, smell good. She also expects that from you, so:

What you can do

Be sure you know what you expect of the evening and make your wishes known to us. Do you have wishes regarding her clothing or make-up? Are there sensitivities we need to take into account? Are there privacy issues we need to pay extra attention too? Let us know.

Start with a good preparation

Do you want to make sure there’s a good click later? See the meeting as a blind date and treat yourself and her to your best appearance. Jump in the shower, grab a razor, brush your teeth, put on fresh clothes, make sure that you and your surroundings smell nice and look clean. Fresh linen on the bed, mess cleaned up, it’ll make her happy.

Business before pleasure

Unless otherwise agreed upon, you welcome your escort directly upon arrival with an open envelope with the correct amount. Don’t take any negotiations or uncertainty with you into the night, so be clear. Give her time to verify with us that all is okay and she arrived safely.

“You never get a second chance for a first impression”

Make a good first impression on your companion and behave like a gentleman. Good manners and a clean appearance are a good start. Start slow, take her coat, give a compliment, offer her a drink, start an innocent conversation, small talk.

… gedraag je als een gentlemen (moet gentleman zijn).

No is no, yes is yes

Her word is sacred. Treat her with respect, listen well, and pay attention to her body language. All sex is safe.

Time flies

Keep an eye on the time you have reserved during your date, because time flies when you’re having fun. Make your advances before the last fifteen minutes.

Would you like her to stay longer? Discuss this possibility at the start of the date with her and not at the end. If you want to spend more time with the escort, then make sure you have extra cash available.

Keep it professional

Don’t ask any personal questions. Don’t ask her out. Don’t ask for her number or email address. Respect her privacy and her choice to have One Night Love represent her.


A tip is allowed, but not mandatory. It is a gesture that your escort won’t forget lightly.


We would like to see you come back, so share your experiences with us. Then we can fit our services to your needs and make our service better.

Are you unhappy at any moment, for whatever reason, make it known to your date and contact us at +31 (0)20 636 40 83 / +31 (0)6 20 100 200. Are you satisfied, then let us know and post a comment on this site or on a review website.