An escort in Amstelveen can be booked at One Night Love. As a renowned escort agency, we form the bridge between ‘regular’ and ‘luxurious’ escorts. We work with the prettiest escort ladies of the Netherlands. These are real, seductive women and no stereotypes or plastic pornstars. One Night Love offers you the service you long for. So this is no ‘standard package’, but a service that meets your desires. With our escort service, we always go for attention. It doesn’t matter which preference you have: French, Russian, Greek, or 69, it is always more exciting with a woman who really has attention for you. One night love affairs, escort services, striptease, escorts for couples, or a ménage à trois: all examples of the services that our escort ladies offer.

A first class service

We bridge the world between the ‘regular’ and the ‘high-class’ escorts and go for a first class service, without all the expensive high-class clichés, like a stay in an overpriced penthouse, expensive corsets, and unaffordable champagne.
One Night Love works with professional high-class escort ladies. These are real natural beauties. Our ladies have a strong character and are self-assured, seductive, and vital. They have a passion for their work, are good at what they do, and love giving and receiving attention.

Order an escort Amstelveen?

In the mood to order an escort Amstelveen? Then choose an attractive escort lady here and book her online or via telephone with us. Meet in the lobby of a luxurious hotel, an intimate restaurant, or at your home. You can meet wherever and whenever you want. In Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Amstelveen, or a different city.
If you want to book an escort Amstelveen with us, then this is very easy to do. Search the site for an escort lady that befits your preferences. Book a time and a place and we’ll take care of the rest for you. We will make sure that the lady arrives at the appointed time. With One Night Love, you can book an escort lady anywhere. So also in Amstelveen. We advise you to always book the escort lady with plenty of time. Then you can be sure that the lady is available for you and that she doesn’t have any other appointments. She will also have plenty of time to prepare for her date with you.

Hotel escort Amstelveen

Our escort agency offers her escort services at external locations. So this can be a luxurious apartment, an intimate restaurant, a hotel lobby with a nice atmosphere, or a hotel room. If you want to meet an escort lady at a hotel in Amstelveen, then we can give you excellent advice about service-oriented and comfortable hotels where you can stay with an escort lady. As a renowned escort agency with a license, we have good contacts with several hotels in the Amstelveen region. The comfortable 4-star Grand Hotel Amstelveen is an absolute recommendation. Here, you can stay with your date uninterrupted. First, enjoy a nice meal in the restaurant, a relaxing drink in the lobby, and then a delicious, intimate date in your hotel room.

Our rates

When you book an escort in Amstelveen with One Night Love, then you pay a standard rate for this. We charge affordable, clear rates. Our focus is truly on quality and service, without unnecessary luxury. One Night Love wants you to experience a pure, ultimate date that tastes like more. The more you book the same escort girl, the more she’ll spoil you and the more intense the date.

You can book an escort Amstelveen with us for a minimum of 2 hours. The rate for a standard escort service is €300 for two hours with us. This rate is based on meetings in the Amsterdam region. For a date in Amstelveen, travel expenses of €1 per kilometer will be added.

Always customer-oriented service

As a customer-oriented escort agency, we find it important that you are satisfied. We go for tailored service. Also, if you have very specific desires, you can always contact us. We will look for an escort lady that fits you perfectly. With us, you can be sure that we offer you the best match. In the mood for an exciting, intimate date in Amstelveen? Then we’ll arrange this for you right away.

One Night Love Affair– Real Girlfriend Experience

Delve into an unforgettable love affair. Meet the prettiest girl in the city and take her out to dinner at an intimate restaurant, a great cocktail bar, or an exclusive, luxurious nightclub. Raise the tension between you two and end with a wild, intimate romance in your hotel room. After this adventure, the lady walks out the door and you’ll never see her again. This is a one night love affair.

During this adventure, you book an escort lady for five hours or longer. You experience an ultimate real girlfriend experience. During the brief one night love affair, you’ll experience what a date and sex with ‘the perfect girlfriend’ is like. First, you get to know each other a bit better during the date over a romantic dinner. After dinner and dessert, you enjoy a drink together in a bar or in the lobby of the hotel. Possibly you go looking for a nightclub, but you can also go straight to your hotel room. Here, the escort lady will pleasure you greatly. You’ll have a hot, intimate night.

For this service, One Night Love charges a set rate of €950 for five hours. You will spend three hours with the lady in a restaurant, the lobby, or at a different location. The other two hours will be spent in your hotel room. This rate is based on a date in the Amsterdam region. For a date with an escort in Amstelveen, we charge an extra rate of €1 per kilometer for travel expenses.

In the mood for an exciting one night love affair with a beautiful, seductive, and sexy lady? Book the escort lady of your dream with us here.

Escort Amstelveen

30 August 2016